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Hi guys! Things have been quiet here for a while, and I don't have any dates or anything to announce for DXT3 at this rate, just a promise that eventually things will happen and a hope for estimated time.

However, a lot of you guys are probably itching for a digimon OCT! So here's :iconrentooh:'s awesome tournament, :iconassembly-arena:!!
The applications are currently open, and it's an interesting story set on its own Digital World server! Take a look!!
Hey DXT crew. We’ve got some news you probably aren’t excited to hear, but it’s important that you know: DigiXros Tournament 3 is going on hiatus.

Ultimately, many of the judges found themselves unable at the current moment to give the attention and dedication that the tournament needs in order for it to succeed. We’re trying to make this third tournament even better than the last, but with other responsibilities and project on our plates it has become difficult to keep up the energy level that we know we need to make DXT3 really shine.

It would be remiss if we were to rush things when they weren’t ready for our wonderful competitors to enjoy. We want to deliver the best tournament possible, and we want to do it at the right time. Now is just not the right time.

We owe the competitors and spectators an apology for keeping this a secret for so long. We’re sorry for our opaqueness and our silence. We hate to disappoint, but we didn’t want to postpone the tournament until it was our only option, and so we kept things on the down low as a result. We’re committed to working towards being more transparent with our struggles in the future so that you guys don’t get blindsided by our private discussions.

The tournament will be postponed indefinitely, but DXT3 is going to happen – just not for a while. Our current estimate is next spring, but we will give detailed updates every few months to our plans going forward. We’ll also continue to moderate the group and answer any questions or comments that are posted to the DXT page and journals.

For anyone who is disappointed because their Digimon engines are already revving we suggest channeling that energy into our sister group TheDigitalLeague. TDL is an art-focused PvP group that already has a Xros option built into it. Much like a tournament, you go head to head with other group members in comics or splash pages, but nobody gets eliminated so you can participate as much as you’d like! The group really needs help getting off the ground and welcomes DXT competitors hoping to stretch out their Digimon muscles.

In conclusion, we’re all sorry for postponing the tournament and for being covert about our discussions. We apologize for promising something and being unable to deliver. And we apologize for letting all of you down when you were excited to get the DXT3 show on the road. DXT3 is still in the cards. But in order to give our best performance in crafting the tournament, we need to take some time off and regroup. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for reading.
Hey there everyone! How have you been?

Hey, no need to get super excited (or scared) yet, but I just wanted to give you all a bit of an ETA on when DXT3 will be around!

No real dates yet, but DXT3 will start sometime in early summer of 2016!

I wanted to give you all a bit of a heads up! With this sort of schedule people should be able to work on their apps during summer and such. We'll get back to you with more solid dates when they're gonna be available! Stay tuned!


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us in DXT2, and helped make this tournament amazing! I hope everyone had a lot of fun - I know I did!
All in all, I - and I'm sure the other judges agree - feel this tournament was a success. Of course it was in no way perfect - but we'll get to that in a sec! - but it was still succesfull, and way better than DXT1 was, at least in my opinion! And this tournament wouldn't have happened without you all. Thank you. .w.

What's next? Well, I have mentioned it before, but here's at least an official statement - there will be a DXT3. I like trilogies. Trilogies are great. So we will have a third tournament as well! Fear not, the tournament won't start for a while. I can't give you any solid dates yet, but we're possibly looking at spring-summer of 2016 for the starting point. I will make sure to announce things grandly when we have anything more solid!

Now's for my second point for this journal - we want to make DXT3 the best one yet. And we need your help and feedback for that!

We have received feedback all through the tournament of course, but if you could spare give us some feedback now, it'd be greatly appreciated. One big thing we want to work on better for the third DXT is more foreshadowing, and stronger plot from the beginning. Of course we didn't just pull stuff from our asses during this tournament either, but we skipped on a lot of foreshadowing in favor of "not giving out spoilers", and that was a pretty big mistake on our part. I apologize for the troubles this has caused.

Another point that became pretty clear was that we shouldn't make another battle royale round. It sounded pretty cool in theory, but damn, did it backfire in practise. I'm sorry for the pain and anger it caused for anyone..!

So uh, I guess these two points don't neccessarily need repeating in your feedback? But if you have any input on anything else (or just really passionately want to address these two points as well of course! We won't bite), bring it on! What did you think of the rounds? How they were executed? What would you want to see return, what should be dropped? Ideas for future round formats? What did you think of the "game mechanic" side? Are the army sizes good, or should they be smaller? Bigger? Do you like the Young Hunters-esque evolution (super evolution, one-on-one Xroses), or would you prefer us go back to the previous format (every new digimon joins a big Xros)? Please leave comments on these points, or anything else! We want to learn from this tournament and make DXT3 the best and most user-friendly (heh) tournament yet! .w./


The results for Round 6 are finally up! Sorry about the delay everyone - this was a really tough round to judge, as a final round of course should be. Everyone had made amazing entries with a lot of effort put into them! Thank you so much, everyone, for participating in this tournament. Let's proceed to the results of the final round!

The winner order - and to that effect, prizes! - have been decided, and here they are!

Number one winner of the tournament is :iconcupil:! Congratulations - your entry absolutely blew us away!
As the 1st place winner, Cupil will win the following prizes!
:bulletblue: Monetary prize from Sysirauta
:bulletblue: 12-month deviantART premium membership from Strontium-Chloride
:bulletblue: A custom plushie of your core digimon by Gomis
:bulletblue: Traditional artwork of tamer and core digimon in both Child and Perfect form by Gomis
:bulletblue: Full picture of a digimon of your choise (Core, Xros) by SheeKNS
:bulletblue: 1 coloured sketch of perfect-level core Digimon, plus 1 coloured sketch of any other army member/Digixros by Garmmon

Our second winner is :iconrentooh:! This final round was so tough, and we loved your entry to bits as well Vichy. It was a really tough choise between you and Cupil. We loved your story.
As the 2nd place winner, Vichy will win the following!
:bulletblue: Traditional artwork of tamer and core Perfect form OR one DigiXros by Gomis
:bulletblue: Backgroundless picture of a digimon of your choise by SheeKNS
:bulletblue: 1 coloured sketch of any Digimon/Digixros in the army by Garmmon

The 3rd winner, a.k.a. the winner of the tiebreaker round is :iconhronawmonstamer:! Your entry was an amazing conclusion to your story!
As the 3rd place winner, Lavvy will win the following!
:bulletblue: Traditional artwork of tamer and core digimon by Gomis
:bulletblue: 2 ACEO cards of the Core digimon in Child and Perfect forms by SheeKNS
:bulletblue: 1 coloured sketch of the child-level core Digimon by Garmmon

And our 4th place winner is :iconspud133:! You had a pretty damn good run in this tournament!
As the 4th winner, spud will win the following!
:bulletblue: Traditional artwork of core digimon by Gomis
:bulletblue: ACEO card of core digimon in Child form by SheeKNS
:bulletblue: 1 coloured sketch of the child-level core Digimon by Garmmon

Then of course we have prices for the three best spectators!
I am unable to update the spreadsheet for spectator points right now, but we have the results of the last round's spectator entries judging as well, so I'll announce the winning spectators as well!
(Remember that the four people who are winning regular prices won't also win spectator prizes, they don't stack, so the spectator prizes go to the highest scoring other than our final four!)

Our number one spectator is :icona-cidic:, with 19 points, the most points out of all spectators! They will win the following prizes!
:bulletblue: Traditional artwork of core digimon Perfect form by Gomis
:bulletblue:  b/w sketch of any Digimon/Digixros in the army by Garmmon

Our second-placing spectator is :iconbauldeury: with 18 points! .w./ They win the following!
:bulletblue: Sketch/lineart of core digimon Child form by Gomis
:bulletblue: b/w sketch of child-level core Digimon by Garmmon

And the third-placing spectator is :iconpotatocandy:, with 15 points! They win the following!
:bulletblue: Sketch/lineart of core digimon Child form by Gomis
:bulletblue: b/w sketch of child-level core Digimon by Garmmon

Congrats everyone, and a thousand thanks for all our participants!
But wait, this whole group isn't shutting down just yet or anything! I will run off to post an epilogue comic right now, and after that, a bit of an afterword. .w.

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